GPS Land Tracking

GPS LAND TRACKING This is the hero of our brand. We would help you to install this modem into your vehicle fleet and we would also train you to monitor them from our system. Our package not only includes installation, but it also includes the SIM Card that goes with it. We are partners with Telkomsel to ensure we give you the best coverage area. There are multiple features within our GPS Land Tracking such as:

  • M-Track Communicator
  • Call Me / Emergency Button
  • Timely GPS Coordinates
  • Mobile Device Tracking
  • On/Off Car Switch Button
  • Monitoring System
  • Location Geofencing
  • Destination P.D.I
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Vehicle Door Alert
  • Temperature Management System
  • And Many More!

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    GPS Sea Tracking

    Do you want to track where your ship is going around the large archipelago that Indonesia is? Now you can! Or perhaps You would like to track your fishing nets for example, to see where the currents have brought them to. You can as well. Numerous companies have used us to track their boats, ships, and fishing gears. For example, a client of ours want their nets to be tracked with GPS so that they can know where their nets are going and so that they do not need to monitor the nets movement all day long. They can just throw the nets into the ocean, and at day time, retrieve it back, knowing exactly where the location of their nets are.

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    Satelite Phone

    We are partners with Imarsat Satellite Phone for more than 15 years already. We aim to provide the best satellite phone services for you. Even with the advancement of technology, there are still some places on Earth where you cannot get a mobile signal. That is when a satellite phone comes in handy. If you are a mining firm, and you frequently visit your mines deep in the jungle of Kalimantan, be sure to have these Satellite Phones ready should you need to contact your team that are in Jakarta. We have years of experience handling clients that specifically needs Satellite Phone. So we know what you need even when you’re not sure. We’ll give you advice on which product you would need to make sure that you can communicate with your whole team from around the world.

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